Pottery to your porch

Cups plates bowls

Basic mug 01
Medium size mug 9cm tall
Coffee shop cup 02
Great size for a cappuccinos 9.5cm tall
Barrel mug 03
Great size for tea or coffee
10cm tall
Cone style cups 04
We have 2 sizes
A.Medium cup 9cm £12
B.Large cup 10.5cm £12
Country mug 06
We have all 3 sizes
A.Small Kids size 7cm tall £10
B.Medium Mummy 9cm tall £12
C.Large Daddy 13.5cm tall £13.50
Gnome Mug 06
Gnome Mug 10cm tall
Mermaid mug 07
Mermaid mug 10cm with mermaids tail for handle
Frankenstein mug 08
Frankenstein mug 11cm tall bolt and chain for handle
Cat mug 09
head and paws on front with paws and tail back
9.5cm tall
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The Barbican



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