Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £8.50 this is for a small piece, for example an egg cup or a small animal. For a basic size mug or plate £11.00 basic cereal bowl or similar £12.00 then moneyboxes start from £14 - £25.00. Larger items can cost from £25 - £50.00. This includes the painting session, glazing and re-fire, browse our pottery gallery here to see whats available

How long does it take?

A painting session usually lasts from 1 -2hrs depending on what you have chosen When a piece is completed ClayArt staff will give an estimated date when we expect the piece to be glazed and fired ready for collection. This is normally 7 working days after the piece has been completed. It will normally be available after 11am on this date. If there is any delay our staff will endeavour to call in advance.

Do you supply gift vouchers?

Yes we do gift vouchers starting from £10 - £50 . Vouchers are redeemable against Painting sessions, hand and footprints in clay and plaster. Price includes the painting session, glazing and refire Review our terms and conditions for guidance

Do I need to book?

Bookings are not normally necessary to paint at The Studio. We recommend booking for groups of five or more so that appropriate tables can be reserved. Bookings are also recommended for First Impressions Clay Imprints and Plaster Outprints. During busy periods, like school holidays, it's advisable to book to avoid dissapointment.

How many guests can I have at my party

We can accomodate 34 people in our studio under normal sercumstances, we follow the current government legislation with regard to covid 19 restrictions, these can change daily, please contact the studio for more information.

We're on holiday, will our pottery be ready before we go home

If your here for a week, definatley yes, but we do offer a post home service via Royal Mail for those last minuet popin's, ask our staff for details.

Children's parties

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