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Valentine's Day at ClayArt

It was so sad to take our wonderful Christmas decorations down, and after a new year tidy up the studio looked sparkling, if only a little bit bare round the edges. The only consolation was, that The Valentine's Day will be here soon enough and it will be good enough excuse to hang more decorations up again!

Tasha, the studio owner, was very busy this week crafting, hanging and tinkering with decorations and the studio is looking cosy again! Also, as we work with raw clay as well as first fire bisque pottery, our first batch of big and small love heart plaques came out of the kiln looking snowy white and tempting and we just had to decorate one of the plaques ourselves! The photograph below shows the big love heart plaque being decorated and includes felt tip marker lines that will burn off in the kiln during the second firing.

So if you are hoping to gift a personalised Valentine's Day present, come along to the Studio on the Barbican and create something unique, that mainstream retailers just cannot match. Your handwriting, artwork and design for the special someone in your life.

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