Baby plaques - clay imprints or plaster cast? What is the difference?

In last couple of weeks we had more than our fair share of enquiries and bookings for our bespoke baby keepsake plaques, and this is what really prompted today's blog theme. Our studio offers choice of clay imprints or plaster of Paris casts. Both options are our personal favourites, Natasha really loving the work with the plaster casts, while I love the clay imprint plaques. So what is the difference between the clay imprint and plaster cast? Appearance and size being the most obvious one, as clay cast is made by imprinting hand or foot (or both) into the flat clay surface, resulting in indentations, and hand or foot plaster cast 'sticks out' from the flat surface. After the clay imprints

Lovely thank you presents for local teachers!

With summer holidays nearly upon us, we had quite a few young customers creating thank you presents to their favourite teachers. Lovely little pre-school hand prints got crafted into a herd of elephants - one for each teacher, then a wonderful capuccino cup and saucer ended up adorned with a fluffy spaniel, complete with a bunch of paw prints and mini thumbprint puppies, and a whole class of children put their hand to creation of stunning vase, salad bowl and mug set. These are just a few creations that readily spring to mind while writing this blog post, we were lucky to receive so many little visitors with gratitude and creativity on their minds. At the studio we are taking the full adv

Language students, welcome!

It is getting to that time of year when things are really speeding up here at ClayArt, with many of the local language schools bringing their students for creative afternoon with some very English charm added into the mix! We are hosting painting sessions for the French, Spanish, Bulgarian and even Peruvian students, each one leaving with hand made keepsake to remind them of Plymouth. Students can choose between plates, mugs, tiles, or bowls to decorate, we glaze and fire them all ready to take home. Below are pictures of some of our group visits, in various stages of finishing.

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