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Lovely thank you presents for local teachers!

With summer holidays nearly upon us, we had quite a few young customers creating thank you presents to their favourite teachers. Lovely little pre-school hand prints got crafted into a herd of elephants - one for each teacher, then a wonderful capuccino cup and saucer ended up adorned with a fluffy spaniel, complete with a bunch of paw prints and mini thumbprint puppies, and a whole class of children put their hand to creation of stunning vase, salad bowl and mug set. These are just a few creations that readily spring to mind while writing this blog post, we were lucky to receive so many little visitors with gratitude and creativity on their minds.

At the studio we are taking the full advantage of current heat wave, which makes processing of our wares a bit quicker than usual and our workload more manageable. With the local language schools still gracing us with their students to create an unique keepsake to take home with them, we are busy and ready for summer holiday season to start.

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