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Be part of Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth!

Do you know Elmer the Elephant from the book? Bishop Fleming Networking Events and St Luke's Hospice are organising ''Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth'' - a fun trail for big and small visitors of our Ocean City to take part in this summer time. The trail consists of hand decorated,large scale elephants that are placed along the trail, to make exploring fun. The organisers even arranged for ladies to come and paint their own little pottery elephants with us at ClayArt! Everyone had great time, the elephants turned out stunning and we are so happy to be part of the newest venture of summer season. There are still elephants available to paint, some sporting blankets and a shy smile, and some gleeful and jolly, but all of them white and waiting to be made special and go to their forever home! We are opened 7 days a week, so there is plenty of opportunity to make this a lovely day out.

Below are shown some photos from the painting day itself, and the last shot is of all the elephants lined up after firing! What a wonderful work everybody's done!

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