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New Season and New Products

Very belated, but sincere New Year wishes to all our readers and customers! After very busy and blessed Christmas Season our Studio team is gathering new strength and creative inspiration for new seasonal range of handmade and pre-bought bisque products. We started with our lovely Valentine's range, that includes lovebirds, hearts (bowls, vases, hangers, plaques and add on- hearts) and word signs.

Shortly after Valentine's Day, there will be Mother's day, which is always hugely popular at our Studio (and booking is advisable) and we have all sorts of lovely wonders that every Mum and Gran will appreciate, and after that, there will be Easter, and we already have flocks of chickens and bunches of bunnies vying for your love and creative touch!

Tasha has been busy throwing bowls and designing new studio sign, Zuzana has been busy making chickens and fishes, and in the middle of it all, little babies are having their hand and foot prints done, before they grow all big and strong.

So just because it is not warm yet, ClayArt is not asleep, but remains busy busy busy with preparations for Spring and Mayflower 2020! Hope to see round soon again!

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