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Pottery to your porch

we are pleased to be able to bring to you “Pottery to your Porch” 😀. We will be taking bookings from Wednesday with a view to starting deliveries as of Thursday. We have compiled a list of anticipated Q&A’s below including how it works and how to order. Please read them through before calling us. First order gets a free mug! 😀👍🏻

Pottery to your Porch....

How will we know what there is to buy?

Starting tomorrow, we will publish a daily/regular set of pictures of our shelves showing all our items on Facebook. Each shelf page will be identifiable with a letter, each shelf a number and all items will be priced to help you identify what you’d like to choose.

How long will we have the kit for?

24 hours (approx) which should give you plenty of time to do your painting and allow us to get to other customers.

When and how will you deliver/pick up?

Our plan is to get to you between 9am and 11am to allow you to make the most of your day. If this is any different, we’ll let you know.

When you book, we will ask you for your “safe space”; a place we can leave your package.

We will return to pick up the next day. Please have your item ready for return and in your “safe place” at 9am.

What do we do with our finished pots?

Once your finished painting is dry, wrap the pottery in the bubble wrap and bags they arrived in to keep it safe and identifiable (the bag will have the date, your name and contact details on). We will pick these up, along with the equipment.

How do we get our glazed pottery back?

As usual, we will text message you to let you know when they are ready. We will turn pottery around as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our plan is to deliver them back to your “safe place” as we go on our delivery rounds. If you wish to get them sooner, contact us once you have had your text message and we can arrange a “Drive by Collection” and you can collect them from outside the workshop.

Will there be a deposit?

No, no deposit. We appreciate cash flow may be a challenge at this time so we have decided not to charge for hire or take a deposit. Instead, we will ask you to go through the check list we will provide to ensure you have everything you need and to ensure everything is returned in good order.

Is there a delivery charge?

No, no delivery charge. Again, during these challenging times, we want to help and we’re keeping this service ‘local’... approximately 15 minutes drive from us as a rule of thumb. We do ask for a minimum spend of £30 which will buy for example, 3 party animals, 3 mugs or 3 plates or one of each!

For those of you who live further afield, we are happy for you to come to us for a “Drive by Pottery Pick Up” which you can book in the same way and we will leave it outside our door in a safe place for you to come and collect / drop off.

How do we pay?

We will take card payment over the phone when you book and when available, we can take payment at the studio too.

How do we book?

We ask for a full day’s notice, for example, if you book on a Tuesday, the earliest date for delivery will be Thursday.

Please call during our normal working hours

Select your items and have the shelf letter, row number, basic description and price of each of the item(s) you wish to paint from our published photos in Facebook.

Have your card ready for payment.

Call us on 01752 665565 to book your slot..

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