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It's great to be open again!

We are so excited to come to work again and do what we are good at! Glazing, firing and making the creative folks of Plymouth happy with hand painted pottery!

Our studio received a loving spruce-up, all three kilns have been checked and maintained, and all those niggly little jobs that we never had quite enough time to finish had been completed.

Tasha has been busy with slip casting, creating an exciting new range of quaint and timeless pieces for the customers to paint, and we launched our new home delivery service Pottery To Your Porch, which enables those who prefer to stay at home create beautiful ceramic pieces with professional finish. This service is growing in popularity and we hope that many more people will take advantage of this way of home based creativity.

All our staff have been kitted out with face shields, we invested in portable screens, hands sanitisers, disposable paper hand towels and surface sanitisers to comply with government safety guidelines.

However, despite all these new ways of doing things these days, we are still offering high quality customer service, including private parties, bespoke clay prints, plaster casting and custom made painted pottery - all done with a smile!

With the school holidays rapidly approaching, we hope to welcome many more locals as well as holiday makers into our studio. We offer postal service as well, so it is not a problem, if folks cannot pick their creations in person.

we can deliver painting kit to your house

our cool face shields

Once again, we are happy to be working in our cool studio and we hope to see you all ever so soon!

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