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Looking back - one year of improvements!

It is hard to believe, but it has been 13 months since ClayArt's new owner, Natasha Roberts, took over the studio, and what a fantastic year it has been!

Full of changes and tinkering, the studio undergone several changes while under the new management - some small but very useful to staff, like brand new waterproof tablecloths, that not only look funky, but hugely speed up the table turn around time, and other large scale ones, like the change of the studio lay out, the fantastic bespoke mural by artist Tony Davies, whose murals grace many a lucky walls all across the South West, our fun rest room, and of course the pottery stock itself is much more varied and in our opinion improved.

The studio is also producing more hand made slab work pieces than ever before, and these are a hit with customers who are looking for hand made, one off pieces that are still left blank for personal touches.

We pride ourselves in providing a peaceful, creative haven in the centre of historical Barbican, where all young and old can come together and enjoy quality time creating something really unique and special to their hearts.

Thank you everybody who supported us with their custom throughout this past year, and gave us valuable feedback. We're looking forward to the next year with just as much enthusiasm as we started with 13 months ago!

New studio lay out, with new wrapping desk and tablecloths

the funkiest of loos!

Christmas time at the studio

We support Woodside animal shelter with all our animal plaques made.

our new mural

some of the new clay plaque range

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