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October 11, 2019

With the change of the seasons comes change in pottery range too!  

Our firm favourites now share shelves with fantastic range of pumpkins and cats, bats and skulls,spiders, magic wands (to cast your own spells with, of course), and don't forget to paint a BOO!  and display it in your autumnal arrangement at home, to make all those little trick or treaters feel pretty scared when they dare to stop by your door.

And if you haven't seen it already, do make sure to watch our new fun promotional video made just for us by the talented James Millward, an artist who is great with brushes as well as camera! Watch with sound :-) 

Below are some lovely shots from our current Halloween range, some painted and many awaiting your creative touch.

August 26, 2019

Couple of weeks ago Natasha had  a lovely work engagement in YMCA Plymouth, where children decorated cups and plates, as part of their summer activities.  Everyone had lots of fun and painted lovely designs onto their chosen crockery.  

ClayArt can be booked in advance for various group engagements, from hen parties, birthday parties, and group activities during summer holidays as well as school term times, or even after school clubs like The Cubs, Brownies or Scouts.  

If you feel that your club or school could benefit from visit by Natasha, feel free to contact the studio and discuss your needs.

Photographs below are courtesy of YMCA Plymouth.

May 26, 2019

We are happy to say, that Dads and Daddies are very much being thought of by their little ones, as we have welcomed flurry of little gift makers to the studio this week, all making just the right gift for their best Daddy in the world!  Adorable mugs, plates and quad bikes are being created, and appointments for Father's Day clay imprints are being taken, to make special memories for special Dads in our part of the world.  

If you feel that this is just what you have in mind to make Father's Day special, why not give us a call to book a painting, or clay appointment for you?  

Below are some examples of presents created by our clients.  Wonderful, aren't they? Lucky Dads!

May 9, 2019

Do you know Elmer the Elephant from the book?  Bishop Fleming Networking Events  and St Luke's Hospice are organising ''Elmer's Big Parade Plymouth'' - a fun trail for big and small visitors of our Ocean City to take part in this summer time.  The trail consists of hand decorated,large scale elephants that are placed along the trail, to make exploring fun.  The organisers even arranged  for ladies to come and paint their own little pottery elephants with us at ClayArt!  Everyone had great time, the elephants turned out stunning and we are so happy to be part of the newest venture of summer season.  There are still elephants available to paint, some sporting blankets and a shy smile, and some gleeful and jolly, but all of them white and waiting to be made special and go to their forever home!  We are opened 7 days a week, so there is plenty of opportunity to make this a lovely day out.

Below are shown some photos from the painting da...

May 3, 2019

Recently we had been blesses with hen parties galore here in the studio, and one extra big one as out of the studio assignment for lovely Sophie, who is getting married in couple of months' time, and decided to celebrate with her hens in picturesque country house in Torpoint.

Lovely Tasha packed blank coffee cups, paints, brushes and all her knowledge and off she went, returning with box full of wonderful, colourful creations!  

We also made commemorative thumbprint plate with bride's chosen design of their hen party cottage.

February 26, 2019

Last week we had the pleasure to deliver two boxes full of wonderful ceramics to the Mannamead Wellbeing Hub, here in Plymouth, where the staff spent wonderful afternoon painting their own plates and cups!  

Yes, the wonderful Tasha packed all the important components of ClayArt experience into the car and delivered it, and her expertise, to the client's premises, where she helped to create wonderful, relaxing and creative afternoon for those, who care for others. 

The feedback we received was ever so encouraging and we understand that this kind of creative activity was welcome and well received by the client.  

If you feel that something like this would interest your employees, or colleagues, feel free to enquire about available dates at the studio, either in person, via phone (01752 665565) or via email (paint@clayart.co.uk)

Below are some of the photographs taken during the afternoon, showing work in progress.

January 31, 2019

Despite the inclement weather and dropping temperatures, the studio remains busy with stocking up, making handmade slabwork pieces and Tasha keeps the supply of hand thrown bowls going too! 

Of course, because of the temperature the creative process takes a bit longer, but it will be worth the wait. 

And because of the inclement weather and low temperatures, we remain busy hosting birthday parties and hen parties, baby showers and corporate get-togethers!  Thank you, everybody, we appreciate it.

January 14, 2019

Happy New and creative year to all!  It has been a while since we got round writing another blog post, due to being blessed with lots of seasonal custom, for which we are very grateful for!  

One of the more frequent questions of the season was 'Do you sell Gift Vouchers?'

Yes, we do!  They are valid for 12 months (apart from charity donations, which hold their value for six months) and there are values between £5 -£50 to choose from, so we cater for varied budgets.  Vouchers can be picked up from the studio, or paid for over the telephone and posted to your chosen address to make a surprise gift.  

September 12, 2018

It is hard to believe, but it has been 13 months since ClayArt's new owner, Natasha Roberts, took over the studio, and what a fantastic year it has been!  

Full of changes and tinkering, the studio undergone several changes while under the new management - some small but very useful to staff, like brand new waterproof tablecloths, that not only look funky, but hugely speed up the table turn around time, and other large scale ones, like the change of the studio lay out, the fantastic bespoke mural by artist Tony Davies, whose murals grace many a lucky walls all across the South West, our fun rest room, and of course the pottery stock itself is much more varied and in our opinion improved.

The studio is also producing more hand made slab work pieces than ever before, and these are a hit with customers who are looking for hand made, one off pieces that are still left blank for personal touches.

We pride ourselves in providing a peaceful, creative haven in the centre of historical Barbic...

July 27, 2018

In last couple of weeks we had more than our fair share of enquiries and bookings for our bespoke baby keepsake plaques, and this is what really prompted today's blog theme.  Our studio offers choice of clay imprints or plaster of Paris casts.  Both options are our personal favourites, Natasha really loving the work with the plaster casts, while I love the clay imprint plaques. 

So what is the difference between the clay imprint and plaster cast? 

Appearance and size being the most obvious one, as clay cast is made by imprinting hand or foot (or both) into the flat clay surface, resulting in indentations, and hand or foot plaster cast 'sticks out' from the flat surface. 

After the clay imprints are taken, the clay is then dried and fired, and resulting bisque (plain white plaque with hand and foot imprint) is personalised and tinted to customer's specifications.  Then glaze is applied and the plaque returns to the kiln for second firing.  This process takes 7-8 weeks and re...

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